Can You Get Short-Term English Teaching Jobs in Thailand?

Get Short-Term English Teaching Jobs in Thailand

  English is a language used worldwide and the need for teachers of English is in high demand because of the desire of so many Thai students to learn to communicate in English in the global context. Because of this high demand, it can be difficult for schools to fill all of the English teaching … Read more

How to Get an Online Teaching Job with No Experience

  Whether you want to make some money online or you want to work from anywhere in the world, an online teaching job can help you accomplish your goals. The best part about it is that you can teach English online with no experience at all. That’s right, as long as you enjoy learning and … Read more

How to Teach Grammar Lessons: A Guide for TEFL Teachers


  Learning to speak English as a second language is challenging for non-native speakers, especially when the lessons involve grammar. But syntax is a necessary component of correct English, so it is important to make these lessons as interesting and meaningful to students as possible. The following approach works well with language learners from elementary … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Get a TEFL Certificate?

how long does it take to get a tefl certificate cover

  Many factors need to be considered when determining the duration it can take to get a TEFL qualification. First, it varies from course to course, as well as the amount of effort you are willing to put into the course. You will also have to factor in the number of hours you will spend … Read more

Teaching English to Thai Students: What to Expect

  Thailand is one of the most popular places to teach English. As the world becomes more globalised than ever, the need to learn English increases and Thailand is looking to catch up as much as everyone else. Therefore, a teaching job in Thailand is an incredible opportunity. Besides helping Thai students learn a new … Read more

TEFL Newsletter – November, 2015

Printable-map-see-tefl Milestones in 2015 Hello Everyone, We hope that this semi-annual letter finds you in good health. In brief, it’s been a busy few months in Chiang Mai with teacher training and we are now into the first month of the fall school semester. We’ve also finished up our fifth paid internship teacher training, and … Read more