There are many accommodation options throughout Chiang Mai. We recommend that trainees find accommodation independently of SEE as preferences and expectations vary from person to person. However, as a convenience, SEE is able to make reservations for air-conditioned rooms on your behalf at a nearby hotel – The Prince Hotel. The hotel is a 25 minute walk from SEE; red songtaews (shared taxis) cost 30 baht from the hotel to our school. They are both located on the same road.

  • If you sign up for one of our accommodation options when enrolling for the course, SEE will make all arrangements and contact you with your reservation information.
  • The accommodation period covers 30 nights starting from the trainee's arrival date.
  • Meals are not included in the accommodation fee.
  • Accommodation is always subject to availability.

Option A – The Prince Hotel

Single Bed / Single Occupancy

  • Cost: 30 nights for $ 350 USD (payable when paying the course deposit). The fee is inclusive and there is no extra charge for electricity and water.
  • This accommodation is for one person, and there is a supplementary charge if the trainee allows a second person to stay in the room. The trainee is responsible for paying any second-person supplementary charges.


  • Room with air-conditioning
  • Large single bed (single occupancy)
  • Color TV with a range of Thai and international channels
  • Hot water shower
  • Armchair and small table
  • Refrigerator
  • Safe
  • Bi-weekly cleaning and change of linen
  • Free WiFi Internet

Option B – The Prince Hotel

Twin Beds / Double Occupancy

  • Cost: 30 nights for $ 400 USD (payable when paying the course deposit). The fee is inclusive and there is no extra charge for electricity and water.
  • Note that only one participant pays this fee, but two people have access to the accommodation.


  • Room with air-conditioning
  • Twin beds (double occupancy)
  • Color TV with a range of Thai and international channels
  • Hot water shower
  • Armchair and small table
  • Refrigerator
  • Safe
  • Bi-weekly cleaning and change of linen
  • Free WiFi Internet

Address for The Prince Hotel

Our opinion of The Prince Hotel

The Prince Hotel is located around 1.5km from SEE, but very close to the Night Market, Warorot Market, China Town, the Old City, Sunday Walking Street and Tha Pae Gate. Some of the furniture is dated but overall the hotel is clean and fairly well-maintained. There is a swimming pool that is free to use for hotel guests. However, do not expect luxury. This is a budget hotel.

Summary of Booking Options for TEFL Participants

Alternative Accommodation Options in Chiang Mai

There are many guesthouses and hotels in Chiang Mai. Good deals can be found by contacting places directly and negotiating a discount for a monthly stay. The following are located within walking distance of SEE. All can be booked independently of SEE.

More than 10 minutes but less than a 25-minute walk from SEE:

Accommodation Booking and Review Websites

There are many websites and blogs which offer opinions or booking for a wide variety of accommodation in Chiang Mai. For the busy holiday seasons it is recommended to book in advance, rather than take your chances for what is available upon arrival. Some popular sites to consider include:

Recommended Apartment Booking Websites

  • Monthly rentals ideal to cover the training period: Nomad Rental
  • Long-term rentals ideal to cover the employment period: Perfect Homes

Long-term Accommodation in Chiang Mai

With 6 universities and thousands of students there is no shortage of cheap studio apartments available priced between 3,000 to 6,000 THB ($ 100-200 USD) per month. These apartments normally require a commitment of at least 3 months and a 1 month deposit. They normally contain a double bed or twin beds, a bathroom with hot-water shower, some basic furniture, a small balcony, 24-hour security and WiFi. Most studio apartment buildings do not advertise their rooms nor do they have websites. They can be found by touring the city by bicycle or motorbike.

Apartments priced over 6,000 THB per month often have a separate bedroom and higher-quality furniture and fittings.

Residential houses for rent can be found in the moo bahns that circle the city within a 15 km radius. The better quality moo bahns are private housing developments with 24-hour security, club houses, swimming pools, tennis courts and well-maintained roads. Expect to pay from 14,000 to 22,000 THB per month for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom detached house with a small garden along a short and quiet road within the development.

Smaller terrace townhouses can be found inside the city limits. These are much smaller than residential houses and don’t have gardens. They normally have 2 to 3 floors and 2 to 3 bedrooms. Townhouses are often cheaper than residential houses. It’s possible to find bargains priced as low as 7,000 THB per month.

In addition to rent, tenants must also pay for electricity and water. Electricity shouldn’t add more than a few hundred THB per month unless air-conditioning is used during the day and/or night. Water bills shouldn’t go higher than 100 THB.

Houses can be found by independently touring the city and moo bahns, reading the classified section of expatriate magazines, Facebook pages, internet discussion forums or by contacting property agents.

Recommended Property Agent in Chiang Mai

There are many property agents in Chiang Mai. Some should be avoided. A recommended agent is Perfect Homes. Reputable agents such as Perfect Homes only receive commission from the property owner. The price advertised is the price you will pay. They will advise on location, facilities, schools and transport.

Disclaimer: please note that we do not own, lease or receive commission from any of the accommodation options listed above. The above are suggestions only; we do not recommend or endorse any of the listed options. Please research your choice thoroughly before making a decision. SEETEFL is not responsible for accommodation decisions.