• We average a 95% graduation rate for attendees. People who begin our TEFL course are highly likely to finish successfully. This is because we have quality trainers and a quality training program.
  • Our trainees generally find work very quickly and the SEE TEFL certification is accepted throughout Thailand and the world. We have a job guarantee that backs this up.
  • Our certificate is equivalent to a Cambridge CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL, but also includes training in teaching English to children (the vast majority of teaching jobs in Thailand), as well as Thai language classes, and Thai culture training.
  • We’ve trained, under the same management, over the past 17+ years, more than 2,100 successful TEFL certificate graduates.
  • Our trainees plan and teach 6 authentic observed teaching practice lessons in real schools with real students.
  • Our accreditation is based on organizations which have the actual authority to certify and license organizations for international quality management standards (recognized by governments), and permission to teach and train in Thailand (the Thai government).
  • Our school is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education to teach TEFL courses, as well as English and Thai language courses.
  • We are the first TEFL training organization in Asia to achieve ISO 9001 quality management certification, and it is the backbone for maintaining quality throughout the organization and in all of our language and teacher training courses, as well as teacher placement.
  • We are an Approved Center of Training Qualifications UK (TQUK), which in turn is recognized by the UK Government Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).
  • We have a very reasonable course fee of $ 1,395 USD. This comprises a deposit payment of $495 to book a seat with the balance of $900 not due until the end of the first day of training in Chiang Mai.
  • Balance payments are not due until the end of the first day of training in Chiang Mai.
  • We have a new purpose-built school facility with modern classrooms, wifi Internet, computer workstations, printers, and copiers.
  • The school is not only a TEFL training facility but a full-time language school with Thai and English language courses taught daily in small group and 1-to-1 formats. TEFL teacher training in a private school environment provides an advantage to our graduates, as they get a feel for this kind of teaching environment, as well as in the public and private schools and colleges we visit for observed teaching practice.
  • We have an extensive Thai visa guide for TEFL course attendees, and provide up-to-date visa and immigration information, recommendations, and support.
    We fully understand and provide all the latest information and regulations at Thai immigration, and we have been processing visa application paperwork for over 17+ years.
  • We believe that the combination of teaching and teacher placement experience, quality management government licensing, location in a purpose-built school with active, ongoing English and Thai language classes, and the long-term stability of our organization allows us to provide exceptional value.
  • We focus on the most effective TEFL training, which is a 4 week course in Thailand. We don’t try and sell online or hybrid TEFL courses as these are always a compromise. We focus on delivering a great 4 week onsite TEFL course.
  • We do have paid internships twice per year as well, but our energy and 95% of our graduates are from the same 4 week TEFL course we’ve been conducting and perfecting over 17+ years.
  • We won’t try and sell other people’s courses, and our course dates and locations are authentic and accurate. We are 100% in charge of all courses we offer.
    What you see on our website and in communication with our director is what you get. We don’t do bait-and-switch advertising or play marketing games.

For these reasons we have become one of the most popular TEFL courses in Thailand.