New Location for SEE TEFL

We are excited to announce that in May, 2016 — after 12 years at our old location — we have moved into our new school. We are now located 1km east on Kaewnawarat Road, just before Tunghotel Road.  


New Location for SEE TEFL

Map for SEE TEFL

Map Zoom for SEE TEFL

Note that Google Streetview currently has an image from early-stage construction of the site in April 2015. Here are before and after (May 2016) photos. Look for the long driveway on the south side of Kaewnawarat, two buildings west of Tunghotel Road.

1 Year Ago, early stage construction of the new school, April 2015

Construction completed, May 2016

SEE TEFL Addresses

[email protected]

SEE TEFL Director’s cell phone
John Quinn – Tel. +66 81 885 4144

Office Telephone Numbers
Tel. +66 53 242 945

Office Address
208/2 Kaewnawarat Road
T. Watkate, A. Muang
Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand