Earning your TEFL certification in Bangkok is a fantastic way to start the journey and teach English as a second language in a new country. Doing a TEFL course in Bangkok with us offers participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the city's incredible history, energy, and culture, all whilst doing the best TEFL course in Bangkok and starting an exciting and rewarding career. Once qualified through one of our TEFL courses in Bangkok, you can teach in as many as one hundred countries around the globe from Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. Our TEFL courses in Bangkok do open up a world of adventure and excitement.

SEE TEFL the Best TEFL Courses Bangkok Offers

Simply put, our SEE TEFL Bangkok site offers new students the best TEFL course in Bangkok. We have two decades of experience providing excellent quality training courses and preparing newly qualified teachers to go into education facilities and make a difference. So if you genuinely want the best and to learn TEFL, Bangkok is the place for you to be to get your TEFL certification. In Bangkok and with SEE TEFL, you’ll receive the most comprehensive TEFL course Bangkok offers from our committed and passionate staff. Over the years, many of our graduates who earned their TEFL certification in Bangkok made Bangkok home and have had very successful careers in government schools, private schools and universities.

Why choose SEE TEFL for your teacher training in Bangkok?

When looking for TEFL courses, Bangkok is an understandably popular choice for many reasons. The city offers everything from great nightlife and shopping to fantastic food and culture, but choosing the best TEFL course in Bangkok is essential. At SEE TEFL, Bangkok, not only do we provide our students with the highest quality accredited and recognised TEFL courses Bangkok has, but we also offer much more. Our students experience in-class teaching practices in Thai schools with real students of various ages. And then, upon gaining the best TEFL certification in Bangkok, we offer full job support and help you get into a school and teaching position you’ll love. Another service we can help with is getting the correct visa and work permit once you’ve completed your TEFL certification. Bangkok has so much to offer experienced and newly qualified teachers that many stay in the city long-term and call it home.

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Receive TEFL Certification in Bangkok with SEE TEFL & Start Teaching Straightaway!

Many graduates of our TEFL courses in Bangkok can start working immediately after completing a course. Once qualified and with an accredited and recognised TEFL certification in Bangkok, you’ll need to decide what type of institute you’d like to work at and where. After graduation from SEE TEFL, Bangkok, you’ll have the skills necessary to teach in various educational facilities, from kindergarten at a government school to the university level and other language institutes across multiple countries and continents. On completion of the best TEFL course in Bangkok, SEE TEFL assist with the process of moving into a teaching position and offer full job support. Qualified NES ( Native English Speaker) and NNES (Non-Native English Speaker) are always in high demand. So after doing a TEFL course in Bangkok, deciding whether to stay in the city, work in the countryside, or even another country is something you’ll need to decide. Whichever option suits you best, upon completing the best TEFL course in Bangkok, you’ll be qualified, comfortable and confident to start teaching straight away!

The SEE TEFL Course in Bangkok Gives You 120 Hours of Classroom-Based & Face-To-Face TEFL Teacher Training

At SEE TEFL, Bangkok, we provide several options: a paid internship, TQUK Level 5 Certification, and a 120-hour course. Our 120 hours of classroom-based, face-to-face training courses are the most popular of our TEFL courses in Bangkok. Many TEFL courses in Bangkok don’t offer any in-class teaching practice where you’ll hone classroom management and teaching skills. We provide the best TEFL courses in Bangkok that will give you both information-based knowledge and practical teaching techniques that you’ll need during your teaching career. Upon successful completion and gaining a TEFL certification in Bangkok, SEE TEFL will teach you all the essential skills necessary to thrive when teaching English.

Find Out Why the SEE TEFL Bangkok TEFL Course is Considered the Best TEFL Course in Bangkok

At SEE TEFL, Bangkok, we have almost two decades of experience and knowledge in running TEFL courses. Bangkok TEFL courses are top-rated amongst various people, from career teachers to those wishing to travel and work as they go. SEE TEFL provides the best TEFL course in Bangkok simply because we are passionate about what we do and offer the most detailed and complete teacher training. We have graduates from our TEFL courses in Bangkok working and teaching in many countries worldwide and fulfilling their dreams of making a difference through education. Our graduation rate is exceptionally high due to the quality of the courses and our devoted staff. Those who complete their TEFL certification in Bangkok with us have a qualification and skill-set that will last a lifetime.

With a 95% Graduation Rate, You Can See Why Our TEFL Course In Bangkok is Highly Recommended.

SEE TEFL courses in Bangkok come so highly recommended because, over the past two decades, we have maintained a 95% graduation rate. We have had graduates from many different countries, native and non-native speakers, go on to build wonderfully fulfilling careers teaching English after completing their TEFL certification in Bangkok with us at SEE TEFL. Bangkok, the capital of the kingdom of Thailand, has been a hub for foreigners to come and work in the field of education, and by graduating from the best TEFL course in Bangkok, you’ll be well on your path to career success.

SEE TEFL Bangkok Opening Delayed

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the official opening of SEE TEFL Bangkok has been delayed, and currently, there is no specific opening date. However, SEE Tefl Chiang Mai is open with our 4 week course and has been offering courses since 2006; enjoy the best of both cities, spend 1-month training in stunning Chiang Mai, and then work in exciting Bangkok. Job support includes finding work in Bangkok and more!

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