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SEE TEFL Graduates

4-week TEFL Course and TEFL Internship Graduates

As of May 12th, 2017, SEE TEFL has:

  • 1,237 graduates from 99 Four-week TEFL courses
  • 74 graduates from 8 TEFL Internships
  • The following comments are taken from end-of-course feedback forms

April 17th – May 12th, 2017

SEE TEFL Grads April 17-May 12, 2017

Sydney (USA), John (staff), James (UK), Brooke (Australia), Vanessa (USA), Giovanni (Italy), Katherine (USA), Mark (UK), Sandra (Australia), Nadine (Austria), Mark (Philippines), Bryant (USA), Whitney (USA), Stewart (UK), John (USA), Juliet (USA),
Fiona (Australia), Lauren (USA), Meena (Bhutan), Andrew (USA), Rebecca (USA), Dwain (USA), Kellie-Anne (staff), Chelsey (USA), Mark (UK), Mark (UK), Corona (staff), Shouvik (staff) and Bob (staff)

I am so happy I took this course. It is very well-balanced incorporating key aspects needed to be an effective teacher. I feel much more prepared to walk into a classroom. Knowing that I have a relationship with SEETEFL from now on is comforting
as I enter the field of teaching for the first time.

–Rebecca (USA)

I am glad I did this course at SEE TEFL at my daughters’ suggestion and feel I have been well prepared for my new career.

–Fiona (Australia)

Generally a fantastic course and overall experience. All the staff are so helpful and friendly.

–Mark B. (UK)

Thanks! You guys gave us a foundation to teach English. I feel like I could go into a classroom and teach English! One month ago I would not have felt the same. Fun and humor! Warm and friendly! Hard-work! Passionate! caring! You lot clearly
care and that shines through.

–James (UK)

I’ve really enjoyed the course overall and don’t think it would be possible to find another TEFL course that is as extensive in preparing people to teach abroad. I’ve found the course to be extremely well structured and all the staff are incredibly
friendly and supportive. I strongly feel that SEETEFL actually cares about you. After you complete the course they will help you in any way they can in terms of finding employment or with work-related or general problems.

–Mark M. (UK)

Absolutely loved the program as a whole. I learned so much about not only teaching English as a language and Thai culture. An EXTREMELY positive experience. I have only good things to say – so thank you!

–Juliet (USA)

I was so happy doing this course. I’ve had a lot of fun and met amazing people. I’ve learned a lot and gained confidence in myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve done productive things in my life, and I’m so amazed I’ve done it here.

–Mark (Philippines)

My experience with the trainers was incredible and I’m grateful that I received my certification from SEE TEFL. All the trainers are very knowledgeable, engaging and very forthcoming with personal help and assistance. I would like to highlight
Kellie-Anne, who has legitimately been one of the best teachers I have had in my entire life. her encouragement and support in finding a job has been invaluable. She should probably get paid more :)

–Sydney (USA)

April 17th – 28th, 2017 (Internship)

SEE TEFL Internship April 17- April 28, 2017

Maria (Russia), David (UK), Aleesha (Australia), Gabrielle (USA) and Caitlin (USA)

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot of practical advice about how to structure and teach a lesson. I feel that I learned more about effective teaching from this course than I did in my first year of teaching.

–Caitlin (USA)

Teaching input is very well structured and was presented in a comprehensive way. The information was very practical & turned out extremely useful during the teaching practices. The Observed Teaching Practice feedback was super helpful
and given in a very encouraging way. You really have the feeling that you are supported here.

–Maria (Russia)

1 – I appreciated John’s responsiveness during my application process. 2 – I appreciated Shouvik’s support, in particular, during the week of OTPs and the last weekend. 3 – I am grateful that observers made an effort to deliver feedback after
OTPs with care.

–David (UK)

March 6th – 31st, 2017

SEE TEFL Internship Marech 6- March 31, 2017

Gabriela (El Salvador), John (staff), Alexandra (USA), Nicholas (USA), Jennie (USA), Chloe (USA), Julian (USA), Timothy (USA), Tim (UK), Danielle (USA), Roland (Scotland), Kristin (USA), Amanda (USA), Keisha (USA), Patrick (USA), Jennifer (USA),
Maddison (Australia), Rob (UK), Allison (USA), Emily (USA), Melissa (USA), Monica (USA), Lizzie (UK), Edward (USA), Jeffrey (USA), Kellie-Anne (staff) and Shouvik (staff)

Such a lovely course! Thanks for equipping me with all I need to fulfill my dreams. I think the way we were taught was so effective, creative and fully immersible. (teaching us how to teach students by teaching us in the same way). Thank you
for one of the best experiences of my life.

–Monica (USA)

Everyone here was very helpful in building our confidence to learn to teach. Everyone was very positive all the time. It was great to have a bit of Thai language + culture added to the course to break up the course to be more fun. Shouvik
did a great job. he was very thorough and detailed which is what I needed. Kellie-Anne brought a different element as well, made it fun for the teaching practice. Thank you all.

–Patrick (USA)

SEE TEFL has been a wonderful experience! Kellie-Anne, Shouvik and John are all incredible instructors who make an extremely challenging + intensive course fun and enjoyable. The past 4 weeks have flown by quickly, but I feel fully prepared
to enter into the world of EFL.

–Jennifer (USA)

SEE TEFL is an amazing institution for EFL instruction. I loved it and highly recommend it to anyone! Thanks.

–Jeffrey (USA)

The program was absolutely exceptional! I feel that I gained a great amount of practical knowledge from the course. The staff was so helpful and the experience was once in a lifetime.

–Amanda (USA)

great course with really friendly, hardworking staff. One of the best things I have ever done.

–Roland (UK)

The staff = Awesome. Everyone was so incredibly friendly and helpful that it made the transition/experience very easy. I had no idea what to expect from Thailand or the program, and this course just made me so happy with my decision.

–Chloe (USA)

February 6th – March 3rd, 2017

SEE TEFL Grads February 6-March 3, 2017

John (staff), Karron (Jamaica), Jeffrey (USA), Marion (France), Robert (USA), Penzie (Canada), Tryphina (South Africa), Vincent (France), Kellie-Anne (staff), Patrick (Australia), Serhan (Turkey), Liana (UK), Damian (Poland), Shouvik (staff) and
Markus (Switzerland)

I think overall SEE TEFL is an excellent institution to get a TEFL certificate in Thailand. I should praise our trainers too. Excellent teaching skills. besides that, friendly, helpful and encouraging teachers.

–Serhan (Turkey)

An excellent course that provided an individual with the skills and experiences of observed teaching practices to become a TEFL teacher.

–Penzie (Canada)

Well presented and organized institution – friendly and extremely helpful staff at all times. Positive working environment, success for all.

–Liana (UK)

WOW!!! There is so much to say, however, I’ll keep it very brief. 1st impression is so very important! it all started with an email inquiry – I got a response the next day. Every question and concern I had prior to making my deposit was answered
with an immediate response. Then I arrived and from the moment I entered the classroom and met my trainers and classmates, I knew I had come to the right place. I cannot think of a single thing you need to improve. I thank you for standing
by us from the beginning to the end. You made yourselves accessible to us from day one. My gratitude to the entire staff at SEE TEFL.

–Karron (USA/Greece)

I was scared as a non native to not be on the ball. But, after 4 weeks, I can say, I’m ready and confident to teach English. The staff, our teachers Kellie-Anne and Shouvik are awesome – they did a really good job to teach us how to use the
3Ps, reassure us, prepare us, advise us at any time. Every school we went to teach were absolutely lovely and such a good experience to practice. We could have a first taste of the real life.

The cultural awareness day was a good experience as well. we could understand so much better Thai culture which is very important if you want to teach in Thailand. It’s a kind of respect. In addition, we could have some Thai lessons. It was
very efficient. The time flew past. our group was like a family, very supportive. We helped each other, no competition. It was definitely a great experience. Thank you so much SEE TEFL.

–Marion (France)

January 9th – February 3rd, 2017

SEE TEFL Internship January 9- Feb 3, 2017

John (staff), Molly (USA), Connor (USA), Austin (USA), India (UK), Thomas (Germany), Joshua (USA), Victoria (Netherlands), Chris (UK), Mike (USA), Robert (USA), Lauren (USA), Shouvik (staff), Peter (USA), Kristina (USA), Caitlin (USA), Mellanie
(Philippines), Kuzi (USA), Bridget(USA), Hailey (USA), Adam (Sweden), Kellie-Anne (staff) and Jenai (USA) in the loo.

I really think it was a great program. It really felt like all the staff will help you and continue to help after finishing.

–Kuzi (USA)

I will definitely recommend this school, I hope to stay involved – – thank you.

–Hailey (USA)

Brilliant course, I would recommend it to anyone looking to do a TEFL course. Thank you for everything.

–India (UK)

In general, The SEE TEFL course was very engaging and very well planned and thought out. The instructors are absolutely amazing and so very supportive.

–Kristina (USA)

Excellent course and enthusiastic, very patient and friendly teachers.

–Chris (UK)

I’ve had a really great experience with SEE TEFL, and I would recommend the course to others.

–Bridget (USA)

I was pessimistic about how this would work out at first, but I feel completely prepared to go in to teach. I’m very happy with this course and would highly recommend it.

–Molly (USA)

This has been an amazing experience, both because of the knowledge SEE TEFL provides and the talented personnel who share their wealth of knowledge with the class.

–Mike (USA)

Great program/course, I think the staff and facilities are amazing. Instructors are supportive and helpful all of the time.

–Caitlin (USA)

Loved the course throughout and am looking forward to putting everything you taught me into practice.

–Vicky (Netherlands)

Overall the school + staff were great, helpful, and built confidence, all while being very fun. I will miss all of you in South Korea!!!

–Austin (USA)

November 28th – December 23rd, 2016

SEE TEFL Grads Nov 28-Dec 23, 2016

John (staff), Floyd (USA), Philip (UK), Savannah (USA), Alex (Canada), April (USA), Hailey (USA), Tiffany (USA), Eletherios (UK), Sarah (USA), Henry (USA), Jeff (USA), Alissa (USA), Dan (Ireland), Tyler (USA), Maria (Mexico), Anne Marie (Singapore),
Shayna (USA), Valdas (Canada), Dawn (USA), Stuart (UK), Kellie-Anne (staff), Ruth (Singapore), Shouvik (staff) and Ying (staff)

The variation of the different schools was very effective in teaching the importance of flexibility in teaching.

–Alexandra (Canada)

I love how willing and available the staff is to help us. The atmosphere is great and we are given the confidence that we can do it. Thank you for a great experience!

–Shayna (USA)

I was challenged during the course and have gained much needed confidence to teach EFL students. Great course and superb teachers/instructors.

–Sarah (USA)

Overall, excellent.

–Dan (Ireland)

The teaching staff were excellent and very patient with everyone in this class.

–Tyler (USA)

The SEE TEFL course superseded my expectation: professional, proficient, appropriate amount of guidance. Can only recommend SEE TEFL as all teaching staff are dedicated.

–Eletherios (UK)

I have deeply appreciated the extra time I was given to help me be successful in this class. The heart of the instructors will provide a lifetime of learning examples to remember.

–Jackie (USA)

October 24th – November 18th, 2016

SEE TEFL Grads Oct 24-Nov 18, 2016

Ying (staff), John (staff), Daniel (USA), Derick (Philippines), Margaret (Australia), Sarah (USA), Andrew (USA), Thomas (UK), Emily (Canada), Mina (Egypt), Bonifacio (Italy), Helmut (Austria), Jamison (USA), Ian (USA) and Shouvik (staff)

All in all a wonderful course. Give the tools needed to become a successful teacher. Change in confidence over the weeks was immense.

–Ian (USA)

The course was wonderful and very effective. The teachers and observers were informative, helpful and fair with gradings.

–Sarah (USA)

I strongly recommend SEE to everyone thinking of teaching English in Thailand and all over Asia.

–Mina (Egypt)

John was very helpful answering any and all initial questions before applying. SEE TEFL staff are all very helpful and accommodating.

–Emily (Canada)

Very good course with some great teachers. I feel prepared to teach at a school now.

–Daniel (USA)

September 26th – October 21st, 2016

SEE TEFL Grads Sep 26-Oct 21, 2016

John (staff), Jess (UK), Cameron (USA), Maeva (France), Craig (Canada), Olga (Ukraine), Huyen Long (Vietnam), Julia (Canada), Patricia (USA), Taylor T. (USA), Kylee (USA), Casey (USA), Morgan (USA), Alex (USA), Stephen (Australia), Taylor W. (USA),
Loic (France), Jordan (USA), Jakob (USA) and Shouvik (staff). Not present: William (Australia) – visa extension.

I have to say that after teaching for 6 years in China, I learned more about teaching in this 4 week course than anybody taught me in the past. This course is definitely the best thing I could have done to make myself a much better teacher.

–Craig (Canada)

I am extremely impressed with the SEE TEFL 4-week course. I have learned so much this past month and have made so many great friends. Although I volunteer taught before I came to Thailand, I now feel like a have a structured way of presenting
lessons. All of the staff are incredibly knowledgable, kind, and helpful. The building is beautiful and super clean. Overall, I had the best experience here and am so sad to leave, but excited to see what the future holds.

–Alex (USA)

This course is very good. You seem to have everything covered in a professional, friendly and caring way. The structure works very well and although it has been very challenging due to the preparation required, the outcome is wonderful. I’ve
completed many courses in my mature years and can honestly say this is the best course I’ve attended. All the teachers are very good and all the Thai staff have been extremely friendly, helpful, patient and a delight to be around.

–Jess (UK)

Amazing Experience. I can’t imagine being more satisfied with any other TEFL course. So many thanks to each instructor and the effort that you all put in.

–Jakob (USA)

I learned so much more than I expected and feel that I now have relevant tools to use in any teaching environment. I felt scared coming in as a non-native speaker, but never felt I was treated differently.

–Maeva (France)

I now know what to do in the Thai classroom, from kindergarten to college. Thank you so much.

–Hyen Long (Vietnam)

Loved every moment of it. The school is beautiful and the staff are amazing. Thank you for everything.

–Julia (Canada)

Nice atmosphere to work in. The course is an efficient way to teach English as a foreign language. It’s also a well structured programme to build confidence in teaching through the six observed teaching practices. One of my friends recommended
this course, and I’ll definitely do the same.

–Loic (France)

I have learned more than I thought possible in four weeks. Thank you for helping make the transition to teaching and living in Thailand so rewarding.

–Morgan (USA)

SEE TEFL became our second home. One month of hard work: 6 observed teaching practices with all age groups starting from kindergarten and primary school and finishing with adults, and one-to-one teaching practice. The course has gone very
quickly and I feel now that I have chosen the right path for my future.

–Olga (Ukraine)

I enjoyed my time on this course. I learned skills I can use for the rest of my life, I’ve made friends, and I’ve definitely got a better understanding of the complexity of the English Language.

–Kylee (USA)

August 29th – September 23rd, 2016

SEE TEFL Grads Aug 29-Sep 23, 2016

John (staff), Alistair (UK), Floyd (USA), Alexandra (USA), Timothy (Trinidad and Tobago), Kristin (USA), Tristan (USA), Terry (Ireland), Hannah (Australia & Germany), Sean (USA), Fritz (USA), Janey (USA), Rebecca (USA), Mairead (USA), Kelvin
(UK), Colin (Ireland), Teresa (USA), Burney (Australia), Martin (staff), Vitto (Italy), Alu (Australia), and Shouvik (staff)

Overall, all aspects of the course exceeded my expectations. It was very thorough and well organized. It cannot be an easy task coordinating all of the logistics involved with the teaching practices, and all of that effort is much appreciated.
The entire staff was helpful, accommodating, and professional. The course is effective in preparing trainees for teaching in a variety of environments for many ages/levels.

— Rebecca (USA)

Great support from all staff. You have a great team here.

— Burney (Australia)

I thought the course exceeded my expectations for a TEFL course. The teaching process really impressed me. It felt like a family atmosphere and I felt cared for. The staff were always helpful when needed. Kellie-Ann, Shouvik, John, and Ying
gave great feedback. I enjoyed the course very much and would recommend SEE to anyone looking for TEFL certification.

— Tristan (USA)

Overall a well run, well organised course, with very good support.

— Terry (Ireland)

This has been a very informative course. I am grateful for this course, the feedback, and the bullet-proof tools I’ve gained here.

— Sean (USA)

I’m so glad I took this course, and I got much more from it than I had hoped for. It really shows that you care about producing and training quality teachers for the Chiang Mai community and beyond. I enjoyed having a variety of observers
and feedback, and suggestions for improvement. The teaching practices really boosted my confidence and I really looked forward to hearing what instructors had to say. Thank you so much for an amazing, life changing experience.

— Kristin (USA)

I’m super impressed with this course overall, as I started not knowing if I could do this and ended feeling pretty good about my new ability to teach.

— Alex (USA)

Each instructor is clearly an expert in their field. The facilities are accommodating and have been key to the process. Thanks to the instructors for their support and expertise.

August 1st – 26th, 2016

John (staff), Agnes (Austria), Lily (staff), Kimberly (USA), Claudia (Mexico), Katherine (Philippines), Kathy (USA), Jonathan (UK), Amanda (USA), Nicole (USA), Jake (USA), Joy (USA), Kellie-Anne (staff) and Shouvik (staff)

Overall, a great experience. Helped me a lot to develop my teaching skills, which I never knew I had before.

— Katherine (Philippines)

I will be strongly recommending SEE TEFL to anyone who would like to teach in Thailand. I am very happy with my choice to learn at SEE.

— Jonathan (UK)

Teachers are very knowledgable and supportive, and gave good feedback with constructive criticism. Very confident to teach now.

— Nicole (USA)

I really enjoyed this course. Great balance between practise and theory. Very well organized.

— Agnes (Australia)

I read a lot of reviews before enrolling and I now realize why your course always has five stars. Teachers and staff are always very helpful and supportive. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and preparing us to be teachers.

— Kimberly (USA)

It’s been a great experience. The teaching methodology and practice classes make this a highly effective way to learn new skills in such a short period of time.

— Claudia (Mexico)

I’ve been so pleased with the SEE TEFL course. Coming in, I wanted to gain practical skills that I’d be able to put to use immediately, which has definitely been the case. However, I am also very pleasantly surprised to be leaving with confidence
that I will be a good and effective teacher.

— Joy (USA)

June 27th – July 22nd, 2016

John (staff), Ying (staff), Pat (staff), Charlotte (UK), Kyle (South Africa), Judith (New Zealand), Sifa (Belgium), Ranvir (Canada), Kimberly (USA), Rebecca (Australia), Lakshmi (Trinidad and Tobago), Raphaelle (Switzerland), Christian (USA),
Megan (USA), Katie (USA), Mirko (Germany), John (UK), Chris (USA), Larry (USA), William (USA), Tomos (UK) and Shouvik (staff)

Very effective course. Instructors very accommodating.

— Chris (USA)

I really enjoyed the course and appreciated the feedback and support from the trainers and staff. I am extremely happy with the SEE TEFL training and would recommend to anyone with the intention of teaching the world over.

— Lakshmi (Trinidad and Tobago)

Very well run course with good support given.

— Judith (New Zealand)

It was a great experience. Everyone was kind and helpful. Observed teaching practices were very helpful.

— Ranvir (Canada)

I’m very pleased with the class. It was a great experience. I feel very confident that I will be able to teach effectively after taking this course.

— Kimberley (USA)

May 23rd – June 17, 2016

John (staff), Leshanta (Trinidad and Tobago), Mustafa (Australia), Sam (South Africa), Jamie (USA), Hayden (USA), Tim (USA), Laura (Finland), Riccardo (Italy), Gerard (UK), Kyle (USA), Dale (USA), Jim (UK), Alex (USA), Ying (staff), Ola (Poland),
AJ (USA), Rose (security), Lily (security), Craig (USA) and Shouvik (staff)

The training was very intense but professionally done. I couldn’t imagine going into any school to teach without this training. The additional cultural awareness and Thai were an amazing bonus to the course.

— Laura (Finland)

The inputs and feedback were great examples of how to foster positive language and thinking in a work environment. I truly appreciated not feeling patronized or diminished for any mistakes. Excellent work, keep it up!

— Leshata (Trinidad and Tobago)

For weeks is a short time but the program is perfect. The training is challenging, but I feel very confident now. I really appreciate that we went to different schools with different ages, and students with different needs. That helped me
understand the difficulties and the rewards of a teacher. Every instructor in SEE TEFL did a great job, everyone was very professional. The environment was friend and I received a lot of support from all of them.

— Riccardo (Italy)

The training the past four weeks was intense, amazing and excellent. I can’t say enough about the staff and the skills they provided. The curriculum pace was perfect, allowing me to learn and improve my skills, along with the helpful critiques
from all of the teachers and monitors. Thanks for all of the effort helping people like me (new to teaching) feel more confident in my ability to create a teaching lesson, deliver it, and have a productive teaching class with students
of all ages.

— Craig (USA)

Amazing support throughout, and the progression of the course really helps to build confidence and understanding in using the PPP teaching method.

— Alexander (USA)

I found that coordination among the different teachers was excellent. Staff in SEE TEFL were always very friendly and helpful, they make you feel at home. Teachers were excellent and the course structure was also excellent. It really went
over my expectations.

— Raquel (Spain)

April 18th – May 13th, 2016

Neville (Ireland), Shouvik (staff), Jo (UK), Nicholas (USA), Nathan (USA), Zabak (India), Geoff (South Africa), Christian (Germany), Nancy (USA), Michael (UK), Ying (staff), Pamela (Argentina), Rondell (USA), Heike (Germany), Raquel (Spain), Ian
(USA), Andrea (USA), Wongdhu (India), Inigo (Spain) and John (staff). Missing: Simon (UK) job interview

Overall, loved the course. It encompassed all aspects of teaching in Thailand. I grew a lot from the observed teaching practice. Very professional, smart, and effective information and grammar review.

— Andrea (USA)

I think SEE TEFL is a great course that teaches in a short time frame all the essentials for teaching English as a foreign language.

— Ian (USA)

This program exceeded my expectations. SEE TEFL did a good job of keeping it professional yet making it a lot of fun. Observers were very good at giving constructive criticism that helped us improve and build on our previous observed teaching
practice. Although I found the old location adequate, the new building is fantastic.

— Nicholas (USA)

Terrific course and very well planned and arranged. All teachers and staff were helpful. My personal fear of being back in the classroom after 40 years was put to rest the minute the course commenced. Thank you for providing me with a new
career path.

— Geoff (South Africa)

February 29th – March 25th, 2016

Shouvik (staff), Kyle (USA), Philip (USA), Tucker (Canada), Buck (NZ), Paul (USA), Heather (Canada), Alex (Switzerland), Trevor (UK), Samantha (USA), Steve (UK), Sarah (UK), Isabel (USA), Nikki (Australia), Louis (USA), Andy (USA), Kalon (Australia),
Eric (USA), Isabel (Austria) and John (staff). Missing due to job interviews – Jasmine (Australia) & Roubeyn (Netherlands)

I had a great time and cannot believe the amount of knowledge that was available to absorb in such a short time. Thanks to everyone at SEE TEFL for an amazing time.

— Kalon (Australia)

The facilities are very well maintained and attractive — very good atmosphere. The most valuable experiences were the impromptu mini-lessons that we taught throughout the course.

This course, our teachers, and the TEFL staff were very helpful and nice. It was great seeing the different schools, working with a staff member on the 1-to-1, and completing this course is such a short time period. Very informative course,
and I feel prepared to go out there and teach English.

Outstanding support during the course, thank you!

— Nikki (Australia)

Overall, class was great. I feel much more confident teaching and lesson planning. I’m happy I took the course and would recommend it to others.

— Paul (USA)

February 1st – 26th, 2016

Shouvik (staff), Ranbir (USA), Mike (USA), Ignasi (Catalonia), Alex (Belgium), Cara (USA), Soren (Denmark), Nadia (Australia), Mikhail (Russia), Bradley (USA), Zeeshan (Pakistan), Max (USA), Chelsea (USA), James (UK), Yann (France), Florian (Germany),
Ruth (USA), Florent (France), Anthony (USA) and John (staff)

The staff and the teachers were readily available for advice and assistance. The office hours, seven days a week, were very helpful.

— Ranbir (USA)

My experience was far beyond what I expected, and I’m very happy I chose SEE. I’ll be recommending this course to friends, family and anyone looking into TEFL courses. I feel confident that I have been given all of the tools I need to succeed
in the teaching world. This is a great program.

— Chelsea (USA)

I will absolutely recommend SEE TEFL. This experience has been education, supportive, and thoroughly enjoyable. I feel 100% equipped to begin teaching EFL in Thailand. I am so glad I chose SEE TEFL. Thank you!

— Mary (USA)

Overall a good and challenging course. Good support in observed teaching practice prep. Would do it again.

— Alex (Belgium)

All Thai staff very helpful and nice. The English lessons were very good and enlightening. The structure of the whole program was very professional in setup. Thai lessons were great. All in all, I have been very happy and satisfied with everything.

— Ruth (USA)

I had a great time during the course. It is amazing the progress that has been made from the first day of class. I am very pleased with my decision.

— Max (USA)

January 6th – 29th, 2016

Subhashani (India), Shouvik (staff), Virginia (USA), Kieron (UK), Mary (USA), Ashley (USA), U. Kavinda (Myanmar) and John (staff)

I had a very positive experience completing this course. The structure of lesson plans were helpful and the way we were taught was indicative of how we should teach. The teachers were very helpful in making sure everybody understood what was
expected of us, and were happy to answer additional questions. I appreciate the structure and the layout of the whole course because it allowed us to plan accordingly. Will recommend this course to others.

Thank you for such a wonderful last few weeks. I chose your program because of your comprehensive website, quick and professional email replies, and I was not disappointed. You have a great program and I will recommend it to anyone looking
for TEFL certification programs.

— Ashley (USA)

The staff are, without exception, friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. Excellent support with finding work and with visas. A very positive experience overall.

— Subhashani (India)

Great training, very effective. Thanks a lot!

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