Teach English as a Foreign Language in Thailand and have the Adventure of a lifetime!

Have you ever dreamed of working and living in enchanting Thailand with its turquoise beaches and stunning forests? What about having the freedom to travel the world at your own pace and stopping to work in any country you choose?

Imagine teaching English in remote village classrooms or in bustling cities full of street food and lively local markets. Perhaps you can make a lasting impact on people’s lives, forging diverse friendships that last a lifetime. All the while experiencing a whole new way of life and immersing yourself in an exotic new culture.

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Become a Certified TEFL Teacher in Thailand with SEE TEFL Chiang Mai and Live the Adventure.

SEE TEFL is the #1 Onsite TEFL certification provider in Thailand, established in 2006. Training is conducted at our Ministry of Education licensed school. Training is face-to-face with 6 observed teaching practices at a range of local schools. Our mission is to empower you to become a certified TEFL teacher, equipping you with tools and skills that transcend borders. Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Thailand is not only fulfilling but also a highly respected profession in Thai society. When you complete our TEFL course in Chiang Mai, you’ll earn a globally recognized and accredited certification that unlocks a world of exciting possibilities to live and work anywhere in the world!

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Why do you need a TEFL Certificate to teach English abroad?

Obtaining an onsite TEFL certification is a valuable investment in your future as an English language teacher. This certification is essential. Firstly, it equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively teach English to non-native speakers, enhancing your teaching abilities and making you a more competent and confident educator. 

Secondly, many employers worldwide, whether it’s schools, universities, language centers, or online teaching platforms, require a TEFL certificate as a minimum qualification for English teaching positions. Having this certification significantly broadens your job opportunities and makes you a more attractive candidate in a competitive job market. Overall, a TEFL certificate is your passport to a fulfilling and rewarding career as an English teacher, offering both professional growth and exciting global prospects.

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We provide Free visa support and assistance finding work

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Practical cultural training at local schools

Globally Recognized and Accredited TEFL Certification!

Upon successfully completing the best TEFL course Thailand provides, you'll hold a globally recognized qualification, equipping you with the expertise and confidence to teach in up to 100 countries across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and many more.

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The SEE TEFL course in Chiang Mai is the Best TEFL course in Thailand!

With a trusted legacy dating back to 2006, with a graduation rate of 95% SEE TEFL has guided thousands of students to graduation and global employment. Our diverse community of learners hails from more than 40 countries, spanning a wide age range from 18 to 70 years old. We take pride in delivering top-notch onsite TEFL training in Chiang Mai, thanks to our experienced trainers who uphold Thailand's highest standards in TEFL certification at SEE TEFL Chiang Mai. In addition, we also offer a TQUK Level 5 Certification extension to our 4-week course.

Our TEFL Thailand Course Welcomes Native and Non-Native Speakers

At SEE TEFL in Chiang Mai, our TEFL courses are inclusive, catering to both native and non-native speakers. This diversity has drawn individuals from all corners of the world to train here in Chiang Mai, preparing them to teach in various educational settings across Thailand and globally.

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Our TEFL Course Chiang Mai

SEE's accredited 4-week onsite TEFL certification course and Paid TEFL Internship in Chiang Mai, Thailand... empowers graduates to excel in classrooms worldwide, imparting English as a Foreign Language with skill and confidence. Yet, our program offers more than just top-notch training, it also includes comprehensive, ongoing support for both work and life. At SEE TEFL, we are your dedicated TEFL partner throughout your entire journey.

Paid TEFL Internship

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If you have any questions please check our Faqs here or CONTACT US HERE. We respond promptly and would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

TEFL Course Thailand FAQs

How do I become TEFL certified in Thailand?

Since we opened our school in 2006, SEE TEFL Chiang Mai, Thailand has seen considerable growth in demand for qualified and certified TEFL teachers. Becoming a participant and securing the premium TEFL certification Thailand offers is a process made easy at SEE TEFL Chiang Mai. Whether you are looking at taking part in our 120-hour 4-week TEFL training, a Paid Internship, or gaining a TQUK Level 5 Certificate, we can assist you with everything from your visa to your accommodation and job placement. We can help you with this once you have decided which SEE TEFL course suits you best. It’s as simple as choosing which date you’d like to start and booking your place on the number one training course for TEFL in Thailand.

Why choose a TEFL course in Chiang Mai?

Once you have decided to take your onsite TEFL course in Thailand, it’s essential that you then choose the best TEFL course in Thailand. Chiang Mai is a beautiful vibrant city set in the country’s north. As a result, there is great demand for qualified TEFL teachers looking at teaching from kindergarten to university levels and at language schools. Chiang Mai offers a fantastic lifestyle, whether you are looking for the excitement of the city itself or the tranquillity of the surrounding countryside and mountains. As well as having the best onsite TEFL courses in Thailand, you will also find a rich array of languages being spoken, plus a wide variety of cuisines and cultures being celebrated.

Can I teach anywhere in the world with a SEE TEFL certificate?

Yes! After graduating from a TEFL course in Thailand, you’ll be able to teach in over 100 countries worldwide. Our graduates have found TEFL teaching in Thailand a wonderful experience, and many stay in the kingdom. Still, we have graduates who get their TEFL certification in Chiang Mai and then go abroad to teach in a wide range of countries. Completing one of our TEFL courses in Chiang Mai will provide you with all the necessary skills to move into a new teaching career in the kingdom of Thailand or anywhere else in the world.

Are English teachers in demand in Thailand?

The demand for accredited TEFL-qualified teachers here in Thailand is high. Both schools and parents are happy to pay for foreign teachers in the classroom. Once you graduate and gain TEFL certification, Thailand has fantastic opportunities to work in big cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Phuket, or teach in the country’s more rural areas. After completing one of our TEFL courses in Chiang Mai at SEE TEFL, Thailand will provide many exciting opportunities to teach all ages and levels.

How much is a TEFL course in Thailand?

If you’re looking to study at a TEFL course in Thailand, prices can vary depending on the content of the course, its quality, its accreditation and whether it's a licensed school, or not. SEE TEFL scores positively with all of these factors. TEFL courses can be taken both online and onsite in Thailand, but the best TEFL courses offer onsite classroom skills and language awareness training along with 6 observed teaching practices in real Thai schools, plus cultural awareness training, Thai language instruction and job support. SEE TEFL includes all of this in their program. We can also help arrange accommodation in the city during your stay in Chiang Mai. At SEE TEFL Chiang Mai, our 120-hour 4-week Teacher Training Course costs a very reasonable $1395.

How do I teach English in Chiang Mai?

If you’re looking at starting a new career in education, taking a TEFL course in Thailand is excellent idea. Choosing TEFL teaching in Thailand is a hugely rewarding career and taking one of our TEFL courses in Chiang Mai is a step in the right direction to beginning your journey. We have a 95% graduation rate at SEE TEFL, and our graduates have gone on to work in Chiang Mai, all over Thailand and many other parts of the world. Both native and non-native speakers can take TEFL courses, and once they gain their TEFL certification, they'll discover schools in Chiang Mai and across Thailand have a high demand for TEFL accredited English teachers.