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Intern 10 2015
Hello Everyone,

We hope that this semi-annual letter finds you in good health. In brief, it's been a busy few months in Chiang Mai with teacher training and we are now into the first month of the fall school semester. We've also finished up our fifth paid internship teacher training, and begun the final 4 Week TEFL course of 2015.

Fifth Paid Internship Group Graduates

In 2013, SEE TEFL began offering a Teacher Training and Paid Internship program twice per year, coinciding with the start of the two Thai school semesters. Through 2015 we have had five internship groups and graduated (successfully completed and placed in paid internships) 52 newly-trained teachers.

The SEE TEFL Paid Internship is an ideal way for people who wish to experience living and working in Thailand as a paid English language teacher, but who are not ready to commit to a 4-week training course or a teaching commitment longer than 5 months.

Over the past three years we have placed students in the Northern Thai provinces Khampaeng Phet, Utthai Thani, Mae Hong Son (if availability), and Nan (if availability). Our program is now popular and we are a partner with OEG (Overseas Education Group) and GVI (Global Visions International), two established international organizations who place students in paid and volunteer positions.

1,022 SEE TEFL Graduates

We are happy to announce that as of mid November 20, 2015 we've arrived at a milestone of 1,022 SEE TEFL Graduates from our four week TEFL course (970) and TEFL Internship programs (52). It's taken 10 years to get here, and many steps involved. There are another 10 teacher trainees in our final course of 2015.

ISO 9001 Quality Recertification

This summer our organization was re-certified ISO 9001:2008. Our original certification was completed in 2009 and this is our second recertification. ISO 9001 is a quality management standard and means we have processes in place to maintain and improve quality and staff are trained in professional management standards. Lots of paperwork! We are a bit proud of this, as it is a lot of effort (and cost), and were the first TEFL training organization to receive this in Asia.

Iso 9001 Second Certification

Thailand Annoyances and Daily Life

The last few years has been a bit of turmoil with the political situation, the bombing in Bangkok, and now a the Chinese economy slowing a bit, and having a dampening effect on the region. These are serious issues, and things have been a bit more dangerous than average. At the same time, the economy is cyclical and Thai politics tends to be that way as well.

Asia beckons to many, and Southeast Asia in particular is place of dramatic growth and change, as well as vibrant with the old ways -- a place of adventure. Some of our graduates spend six months and are satisfied, others return to Thailand and the region regularly, and still others sprout roots and remain for decades.

Thailand has changed a lot over the past years and decades, and is now a popular place to travel, and increasingly so to live and work. These changes come with growing pains, but many people still find a charming, interesting, and comfortable place to stay for a short while or permanently.

We are very interested in the stories that our teachers have in terms of discovery, adjustment, and the humanity of living and working in a foreign country.

Tales from Teaching in Thailand

We do hear from many of our grads in terms of what they are and what they are doing, but we want to reach out and collect a set of stories in an organized way. What we have in mind is about fifty 1,000 word anecdotes and tales. Everyone has stories to tell, the unbelievable and the everyday; the happy, the zany, the hilarious and the sad -- stories that stay with you for years. We would like to turn this into a collection for our upcoming trainees, and may turn this into a published work. Who knows? This might become a series. With now over 1,000 graduates there has to be at least fifty stories worth telling, and teachers willing to put pen to paper.

If you are even only vaguely interested, please send an email to and we will get this project organized and be in touch.

Affiliate Program Update

The affiliate program has produced several leads and we have paid our affiliates. We want to encourage more alumni especially to participate. By encourage we mean simply the good word of our graduates who are satisfied with their training at SEE TEFL. We realize that it can get complicated when there is financial incentive for referrals. At the same time it is our graduates who are essential to our future and we would much rather pass along a reward to those who go out of their way to mention us in emails, websites, etc., Thank you! Please check out our affiliate program (really nothing more than links and images to share, that we can track). Everyone who signs up by December 31st will receive an extra $50 with their next referral (this counts as well for those who have already registered).

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Upcoming TEFL Courses and Internships

Our 4 Week TEFL course and 2 week Internship program are ongoing with the following upcoming dates:

4 Week TEFL Courses in 2016

  • 04 – 29 January
  • 01 – 26 February
  • 29 February – 25 March
  • 18 April – 13 May
  • 23 May – 17 June
  • 27 June – 22 July
  • 01 – 26 August
  • 29 August – 23 September
  • 26 September – 21 October
  • 24 October – 18 November
  • 28 November – 23 December

TEFL Paid Internships in 2016

  • 18 – 29 April
  • 26 September – 07 October


Well, that's it for this time. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

John Quinn, Director and Senior Trainer
SEE TEFL Teacher Training |


P.S., We are grateful for our alumni who are a great source of new customers. Your endorsement of the SEE TEFL programs are much appreciated.