The Foreign Cemetery in Chiang Mai

A few weeks have passed, so time to talk a little more about life in Chiang Mai. For this blog I’m going to visit the Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery. It’s an absolutely fascinating place for people who want to know a little more about members of the foreign community who have lived, and died, here … Read more

Dara Academy – Past and Present

Often teachers new to Chiang Mai will ask me about the best schools in this city for a well-qualified foreign teacher, and I always mention the Dara Academy (โรงเรียนดาราวิทยาลัย). According to Wikipedia its student enrollment of 7,000 is the highest in the north, and to cope with such a large student population it employs over … Read more

My Path to Chiang Mai – John Quinn

My Path to Chiang Mai – John Quinn I want to confide to you my reasons for falling head-over-heels for an old, hot, occasionally wet, sometimes dusty but never boring lover: Chiang Mai. Way back in 1990 I backpacked from Australia back home to the UK. Travelling through the Nusa Tenggara islands of Indonesia I … Read more