9 Best Countries to Teach English Abroad with No Degree


This article compiles an ultimate list of best countries to teach English abroad across different continents where you can teach English without a degree.

The demand for English lessons keeps growing as the language gains dominance across the globe. Opportunities to teach English abroad are never-ending, but some of the requirements can disqualify willing and skilled individuals. The need for a degree has discouraged many people who might have considered teaching English overseas. 

Did you know that not every country requires a degree? Yes, a bachelor's degree can give you an advantage, but some regions make it easy to teach English abroad with no degree. A TEFL certificate is advisable because it improves your chances. This list compiles countries across different continents where a degree is not mandatory to teach English.

Málaga, Spain

1. Spain

Are you looking for TEFL jobs with no degree in Europe? Spain is an excellent place to start. It’s one of the few countries in Europe that accepts TEFL teachers without degrees. Madrid has the best prospects for ESL teachers.

However, you can also get decent alternatives across major cities like Seville, Barcelona and Valencia. September and January are the best times to find a job. EU citizens don’t require work visas, but a work permit is necessary.

Perks of Choosing Spain:

- Top tourist and commercial hub

- A rich cultural heritage to explore while there

- It is a developed country with well functioning public services, including transport

The monthly cost of living in Spain is about $900 on average.

The salary ranges between $1250 and $1850 for ESL teachers.


Costa Rica

2. Costa Rica

In South America, Costa Rica is one of the countries you can teach English without a degree. It’s a magnificent place that attracts a considerable number of tourists every year. If you prefer a tropical climate and a beach every few miles, this country doesn’t disappoint.

If you haven’t yet, you can learn Spanish while here. With Nicaragua and Panama bordering the country, ESL teachers have numerous options to explore beyond Costa Rica. Applications for teaching positions are accepted all year round.

Perks of Choosing Costa Rica:

- Fast-developing country, driving the demand for ESL teachers

- Beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean to visit

- Interact with native Spanish speakers

The monthly cost of living in Costa Rica is about $700 on average.

English teachers should expect to earn about $700-$900.


Cancun, Mexico

3. Mexico

You can teach English abroad without a degree while immersing yourself in the Latino culture in Mexico. It takes the biggest market share of ESL teachers compared to other regions in South America. With destinations such as Cancun, Guadalajara and Acapulco, Mexico dazzles as a tourist hot spot.

The high number of visitors boosts the need for English learning and consequently, ESL teachers. By law, teachers can get work permits granted that they have TEFL certificates from authorised institutions. As long as you speak the language fluently, Mexico offers a host of prospects to teach English.

Perks of Choosing Mexico:

- Excellent opportunities for private lessons

- Schools hire throughout the year

The monthly cost of living in Mexico is about $600 on average.

The mean range for an English teacher is $500 to $800.



4. Cambodia

If you are interested in teaching English abroad without a degree in Asia, try Cambodia. The country is one of the biggest employers of English teachers in Asia. It offers exciting prospects for English teachers to advance their skills and progress careerwise.

Phnom Penh, the capital city, is ripe with possibilities. Siem Reap is another place you can try. With the famous Angkor Wat temple and inviting communities, Cambodia is a fun place to visit.

Perks of Choosing Cambodia:

- Great temperate climate

- Excellent opportunities to advance as a teacher

- Interesting tourist destination

The monthly cost of living in Cambodia is about $600 to $750 on average.

Inexperienced teachers earn an average of $1,000 to $1,200.


Omsk, Russia

5. Russia

The large population in Russia and the rapidly developing economy makes the country an attractive option for English teachers. Besides Moscow, ESL teachers are in high demand in St. Petersburg, Omsk and Vladimir, among other main cities.

The lack of a bachelor's degree will not disqualify you from finding a teaching position, but TEFL certification helps a great deal. If you intend to teach at a school, private ones are the only alternatives because public schools don't employ foreigners. Many jobs exist for ESL teachers in the Russian job market.

Perks of Choosing Russia:

- Great room to grow as an English teacher due to increasing demand

- Most schools pay for visa, accommodation and other necessities

- A chance to explore the largest country in the world

The monthly cost of living in Russia is about $300-400 on average.

The average salary is between $900 and $1,400.



6. Poland

As Poland’s standing in the EU evolves, so does the need for English speakers. From private individuals to public schools to language schools, Poland provides many chances to secure TEFL jobs abroad without a degree. English teachers with the right experience can also look up the options at companies.

Teaching jobs are available all over the country from Warsaw to Krakow to Silesia. While in Poland, you can visit the numerous historical attractions that tell the heritage of the place.

Perks of Choosing Poland:

- You can set up online courses

- Excellent volunteer opportunities to build your C.V

- A rise in international business creates more jobs

The monthly cost of living in Poland is about $350 to $550 on average.

An ESL teacher can earn $600 to $1,000 per month.



7. Jordan

If you intend to use your skills in the Middle East, Jordan is one of the countries you can teach English without a degree. Expats have a high quality of life in this country. Amman is the best place to begin your search then you can explore the other cities.

Although schools are the most popular alternative for TEFL jobs, the business community offers a myriad of choices. Religious sites and other attractions make Jordan a top tourist destination in the Middle East.

Perks of Choosing Jordan:

- Schools sponsor work visas

- A diverse international community with which you can interact

- Lovely tourist attractions such as the Lost City of Petra and the Dead Sea

The monthly cost of living in Jordan is about $800 on average.

Monthly salary for an ESL teacher ranges between $650 and $1,500 on average.


Vientiane, Laos

8. Laos

Laos is one of the best countries to teach English without a degree in Southeast Asia. Although it may not have the same opportunities as its neighbours Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, it does well. Teachers living in Laos can enjoy beautiful landscapes and quiet surroundings. The county provides the perfect environment to rejuvenate.

International schools are the biggest employers of ESL teachers. Although schools run from August to June, you can apply for TEFL positions at any time of the year. Vientiane and Pakse are the main places to look but opportunities lie everywhere.

Perks of Choosing Laos:

- Warm weather throughout the year

- Small communities where visitors can integrate easily

- A chance to visit nearby countries like Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam

The monthly cost of living in Laos is about $500 on average.

The average salary for TEFL jobs is $500 to $1,000.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

9. Thailand

If you intend to use your skills in South East Asia, Thailand is one of the best countries you can teach English. Chiang Mai has claimed the top spot as the most desirable and easiest place to live for expats. The government does not allow public and private schools to sponsor foreigners who do not have a degree. However, there are legal loopholes to work around this.

Although schools are the most popular alternative for TEFL jobs, internet teaching in Thailand offers a myriad of choices for you to teach with no degree. 

Perks of Choosing Thailand:

- Warm weather throughout the year

- Get more for your money and enjoy a higher quality of life

- A chance to travel to exciting places like Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos

The average monthly budget in Thailand would be about $600.

The average salary for TEFL jobs is $750 to $950.


Final Words

These are a few of the countries where it's possible to teach English abroad with no degree. However, a TEFL certificate is an added advantage that can help you land better prospects. Find out what other qualifications can tilt the scales in your favour when looking to work as an ESL teacher without a bachelor's degree.

Tip: Wherever you choose to teach English, you can always teach English online to boost their income.

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