4 Week TEFL Course in Chiang Mai, Thailand

SEE TEFL is in its 10th year of TEFL Teacher Training with over 800 SEE TEFL graduates who teach English as a Foreign Language across Thailand and throughout the world. We strive to provide a useful and effective TEFL teacher training program. Our organization also hires dozens of English teachers every year for placement in schools throughout Chiang Mai.

  • SEE TEFL offers a standard 4 week, 120 hour TEFL Certification course, as well as an accelerated TEFL Internship program
  • TEFL certification is required for many English teaching positions in Thailand and many other countries
  • SEE TEFL has authentic teaching practices with real students in real schools
  • SEE TEFL participants gain a strong foundation in teaching fundamentals, course preparation, authentic practice, grammar and Thai cultural appreciation
  • SEE TEFL has ISO 9001 certification and is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education

SEE TEFL Thailand

Accredited and Recognized TEFL Training

SEE’s accredited and internationally-recognized TEFL certification teacher training enables its graduates to confidently and successfully step into the classroom and teach English as a foreign language anywhere in the world. Training focuses on developing practical teaching skills while also extensively reviewing language structure and terminology. It is assumed trainees have little, if any, previous EFL teaching experience and grammar terminology knowledge before training starts. Those with previous experience will benefit from revisiting the fundamentals.

Benefits and Advantages of SEE TEFL

Training includes 6 observed 1-hour teaching practices in real schools with real students, cultural awareness training, Thai-language instruction, non-immigrant B (Business) visa support, early-bird discounts and on-going job support. See the full description of SEE TEFL Benefits.

Inclusive TEFL Program Fee

The Program Fee, which starts at $1,295 (with early bird discount), includes all course costs including study materials, reference books, testing and certification. In addition, SEE offers two optional accommodations to choose from.

TEFL Course in Chiang Mai, Thailand

SEE is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This 700 year old Northern Thai city is large enough to be described as a regional center, but small enough to allow exploration around its ancient walls, moat, temples and alleyways by bicycle or foot. It is situated closer to Myanmar and Laos than to Bangkok. Chiang Mai people are known throughout Thailand as friendly, polite and fun-loving. Celebrating one of Chiang Mai’s many festivals with your Thai friends is an experience not to be missed.

TEFL in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Teach English Anywhere in the World

The adventure and challenge of teaching students English in a part of the world where you can explore national parks, ancient communities and golden temples will help you to share and absorb another culture that very few people have the opportunity to enter. However, opportunities are limitless with SEE TEFL certification and SEE graduates are teaching across Asia, Europe, Central and South America and the Middle East.

Free Visa Support and Job Assistance

TEFL and Teaching English in Thailand

SEE’s accredited TEFL Certification in Chiang Mai, Thailand enables its graduates to successfully step in to a classroom and teach English. Participants experience 6 x 1-hour teaching practices with real students in real schools. The schools include a nursing college, a kindergarten, a primary school and a government university. SEE’s teaching inputs combined with the teaching practices give participants the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience to be an English language teacher to non-native speakers.

Thai students, in general, are very shy and reserved. Students’ mistakes in class in front of their classmates lead to a great loss of face (sia naa), so teachers need to be patient and understanding. SEE’s cultural awareness training prepares teachers in order to avoid possible cultural embarrassment.

An ability to speak Thai is not necessary, although attempts to communicate in Thai are greatly appreciated by your school and Thai friends. Survival Thai-language instruction gives teachers the ability to request information and to hold short conversations. In addition, teachers are presented with a self-study language pack for further language development.

Teachers are highly respected within Thai society and as a foreigner who has come to Thailand to help in the development of the country you are given special respect.

TEFL Thailand Course Graduates

TEFL Course Summary

  • 4 weeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Monday to Friday
  • 9am – 4pm
  • Course Fees and Dates
  • Courses are limited to 18 trainees only. When any course has 18 confirmed participants no more applications for that course will be accepted.
  • Accommodation arrangements can be made on behalf of the student.
  • See also the Volunteer option for those who wish to Volunteer Teach in Thailand
  • This training will prepare the participant for English language classrooms with TEFL certification, cultural awareness training and Thai language instruction. Training takes place in a working language school in Chiang Mai: EFL Learning Centre.
  • See the TEFL Course Outline

Eligibility for the 4 Week TEFL Course

  • Be a native speaker of English or have strong English language skills
  • Be familiar with Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer
  • Be adaptable to new and unpredictable situations
  • Be of good character and possess a friendly, patient and flexible personality

Introduction to SEE TEFL in Chiang Mai, Thailand