4 Week TEFL Training Course in Chiang Mai

The SEE TEFL Program

  • Full On-site TEFL Certification (120 hours)
  • Teaching Inputs. These are the individual classroom skills an EFL teacher needs in order to be an effective EFL teacher. Each skill is looked at individually in separate practical-skills development workshops. Detailed descriptions of all Teaching Inputs are listed further down this page.
  • Grammar Inputs. These inputs develop awareness of language and structure. They also show how to teach structure, language ideas and context to non-native speaking students. Detailed descriptions of all Grammar Inputs are listed further down this page.
  • Six 1-hour observed teaching practices with real students at a range of levels and ages in local real schools (see caveat below, for March, April and September courses that take place during the school semester breaks)
  • Cultural awareness training (1 day)
  • Survival Thai language instruction (10 hours)
  • Job and visa support
  • Thai Ministry of Education accreditation
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures world-wide recognition of SEE’s TEFL program
  • Approved Center of Training Qualifications UK (TQUK), which in turn is recognized by the UK Government Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).
A free additional online grammar terminology and teaching process review is now included with all 4-week TEFL courses. This was something our trainees requested. Grammar will still be reviewed in our course, in a standard classroom setting. However, an introductory refresh of grammar terminology, as well as an overview of the teaching process, will help with preparation for the course.
The grammar terminology and teaching process review will be emailed to trainees approximately 4 weeks before the start of their training course.

TEFL Course Summary

  • 4 weeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Monday to Friday
  • 9am – 4pm
  • Course Fees and Dates
  • Training groups are limited to 20 trainees.
  • Accommodation arrangements can be made on behalf of the student.
  • See also the Volunteer option for those who wish to Volunteer Teach in Thailand
  • This training will prepare the participant for English language classrooms with TEFL certification, cultural awareness training and Thai language instruction. Training takes place in a working language school in Chiang Mai: EFL Learning Centre.
  • Detailed TEFL Training Course Outline

SEE TEFL 4 Week Teacher Training

Eligibility for the 4 Week TEFL Course

  • Be an English native speaker or have strong English language skills
  • Be adaptable to new and unpredictable situations
  • Be of good character and possess a friendly, patient and flexible personality
  • Be familiar with Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer
  • This program is open to all nationalities
  • This program has no maximum age restriction

If you meet these requirements, you are eligible to join our 4 Week TEFL course. Please register here

  • Note: A bachelor’s degree isn’t a training requirement for the 4 Week TEFL course; however, a bachelor’s degree (any major) is normally needed to obtain a non-immigrant B (Business) visa and work permit. A non-immigrant B visa and work permit is normally required to work legally as a teacher in Thailand. How to teach in Thailand without a bachelor’s degree.

Discounts Available on the 4 Week TEFL Course

4 Week TEFL Course Fees & Early Bird Discounts
to confirm a seat
Balance Payment
payable by the end of the first day of training
Full Payment
Super Early Bird
Make a deposit payment more than 6 weeks in advance of the course start date
$ 495 USD $ 900 USD $ 1,395 USD
Early Bird
Make a deposit payment more than 3 weeks but less than 6 weeks in advance of the course start date
$ 595 USD $ 900 USD $ 1,495 USD
Standard Course Fee
Make a deposit payment less than 3 weeks before the course start date
$ 695 USD $ 900 USD $ 1,595 USD

Optional Accommodation for the 4 Week TEFL

2 optional accommodation options: SEE TEFL can provide accommodation in Chiang Mai during the training period. Note: If a couple or two friends confirm places, only one accommodation fee is required.

  • Note that this is completely optional, and we only offer this if the trainee wants us to make a reservation on their behalf. There is plenty of accommodation available in Chiang Mai, and most trainees select their own.

Additional SEE TEFL Benefits

  • SEE TEFL provides a job guarantee
  • Free Non-immigrant visa assistance
  • Free Volunteer option teaching underprivileged children in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Balance payments are not due until the end of the first day of training
  • On-going job and living support from the SEE TEFL staff
  • Access to the 70+ teaching-EFL jobs at 20+ schools SEE manages in and around Chiang Mai
  • Free Wireless Internet throughout the training center
  • 24-hour emergency Thai/English helpline
  • All course materials are included in the course fee
  • Many mini-tutorials and how-to advice such as how to open a bank account, where to find a dentist, buy western food, etc.
  • Friendships and connections with other trainees
  • Collection upon arrival (during normal office hours) is available. If requested, a SEE representative will meet participants upon arrival at Chiang Mai airport. This may be convenient if booking the optional accommodation.

Please note that March, April and October courses are good months for TEFL training (as they end just before the new academic semesters begin, and schools are hiring for the upcoming semesters). However, as many schools are closed at this time, it is not always possible to have all teaching practice with formal-school students. For a limited number of teaching practices that cannot use formal-school Thai students, we use Thai teachers and English-camp participants as students.

Video Introduction to SEE TEFL in Chiang Mai, Thailand