Teaching English via Skype | How to Get Started

Skype is one of the most popular softwares from Microsoft out there in the market, and is one of the most useful tools for online teaching. It helps ESL teachers and ESL students from all over the world to connect in new ways. It provides a plethora of options for English teachers looking to expand their student base while maintaining control over their work schedule.

Teaching English via Skype | Benefits

In the year 2021, teaching English via Skype is more accessible and popular than ever. If you’re passionate about teaching the English language and are looking to become a Skype English teacher the perks of the job are undeniable. 

  • You get to work from home, which means no commute. Not having a commute is a huge bonus for many people during these crazy times. This means that you can save money on travel expenses like gas, and depending on where you live, you could save yourself from exposure to infectious diseases in your community. Since you’re not driving to and from a job every single day, you’ll save a ton of money. 
  • Also, another benefit of being a Skype English teacher is the flexibility. If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs who own their own business, this job can provide a steady source of income along with flexible hours. You are able to attend to your business while creating a schedule that works for you in the long run. This is a win-win for many business owners or entrepreneurs looking to make more money.

How to Get Started and What It Entails

So you’ve made up your mind – you’re ready to teach English online over Skype. The next step is getting started. Make sure you have access to reliable wi-fi and a computer compatible with Skype. Most computers and laptops in 2021 have a built in webcam, so you should be good to go. It’s important to have reliable wi-fi as constant disruptions could cause a problem with teaching. When teaching there are a couple of options. You may be assigned to a single student or you may have small group instruction assigned to you. Both of these options provide a great opportunity for the teacher.

What if I don’t speak the native language of the student?

That’s ok! The teaching is 100% in English. You’ll need to focus on how to pronounce certain words and what they mean. As you get further and further into teaching the language some of these nuances will be picked up more and more quickly.

So I’ve decided I’m ready to teach English via Skype, now what?

There are a couple qualifications that an English Skype teacher needs. 

  • First of all, most countries require you to have a BA degree in order to teach English in their country, even if it’s through Skype. This means that you need to get your degree from an accredited school. 
  • Second, you’re going to need a TEFL certification. This stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This is vastly important and required in many countries like China to be an online English tutor via Skype. In order to obtain your TEFL certification you must complete 120 hours of face-to-face training in the course. If you’re a native English speaker, there shouldn’t be any hiccups in obtaining your certification once the training is completed. 
  • However, if you’re a non-native English speaker but still looking to teach Skype English lessons, you may need to provide proof that you’re proficient in the English language. Once you’ve completed your training and certification, you’re ready to apply for the online teaching position. 

How does someone stand out among online ESL applicants?

If you’ve had prior teaching experience, your resume will stand out just a little bit more than someone who hasn’t had prior teaching experience. Always be sure to mention that you’ve had prior teaching experience when setting up your resume and applying to various positions online. If you don’t have any prior experience, it still is ok! Just fill out your online resume to include your education history and TEFL certifications and you’re all set to go.

I’ve decided I want to teach online, but I don’t have a degree. What should I do?

So you haven’t gotten your degree just yet but you really want to teach English online through Skype. That’s ok! There are still some options for you. The most important thing needed to start your online teaching venture is your TEFL certification. Without the TEFL certification, you may be out of luck when searching for potential jobs. When searching for potential jobs, check to see which ones don’t require a degree. Some jobs don’t require a degree. When submitting your resume, as long as you have the TEFL training, you’re all set to get started.


Now that you’ve heard all about the requirements it’s time to get out there and start teaching the English language online to students in other countries. This job can be an extremely rewarding job, as you’re really helping set up your students for future success in many endeavours. It opens up the door for endless possibilities in the professional world and beyond. These students will now be able to communicate when traveling in America, parts of Europe and beyond. So get out there and start applying for these positions, just don’t forget your TEFL certification!

If you wish to take a TEFL course, send your application, and start doing what you love!