Teacher Training and Teaching Internship Details

TEFL Teacher Training Components

There are two training components:

  • Pre-arrival: Videos and assignments that introduce classroom management skills and review common grammar terminology.
  • Post-arrival: 2 weeks of face-to-face group training that focuses on developing essential EFL classroom teaching skills, language awareness and observed teaching practices. In addition, there is basic Thai language instruction, cultural awareness training and excursions.

TEFL Salary – Paid Internship

Interns are paid at least 28,500 Thai Baht (THB) per month during the placement period. Thailand has low living costs, so this salary can provide a comfortable lifestyle while teaching in Thailand in local Thai communities.

This internship is actual paid employment by a school in Thailand. Interns must be employed by a school in order to obtain non-imm B visas and work permits.

Inclusive Resort-style Accommodation

Chiang Mai Accommodation

Resort accommodation at the Eco Resort Chiang Mai, Bumrungrad Road with breakfast and swimming pool is included in the Internship fee for 15 nights during post-arrival training in Chiang Mai. Eco rooms are shared with other same-sex Interns. Single-occupancy can be arranged for an additional fee of $ 150 USD. The resort is a 5-minute walk from the SEE TEFL training center.

After training and during placement periods, Interns are responsible for the cost of their own accommodation. Placement schools will introduce their Interns to a range of accommodation options after arrival. Comfortable 1-bedroom apartments only cost between 3,000 and 5,000 Thai Baht (THB) per month. This will usually include air-conditioning, a double bed and a separate bathroom. Thai apartments rarely have kitchen areas as most Thais eat out as eating food at restaurants or takeaway from markets is very inexpensive.

Eco Resort Chiang Mai – Bumrungrad Road


Transportation to and around Thailand

  • Budget flights to Thailand are available through Kayak and Orbitz, among others, and affordable domestic travel and throughout the region can be found on Air Asia, Bangkok Airways, Lion Air, and Nok Airways.
  • Fixed-rate taxis cost between 150-200 Thai Baht (THB) (around $ 5 USD) from Chiang Mai airport to the resort accommodation and are available 24 hours each day.
  • Traveling around Thailand by bus, train or plane is inexpensive and convenient. We will advise on transport between Chiang Mai and the placement school. Representatives of the placement school will meet Interns on arrival to transport them to their accommodation and school.

Extra Costs and Budgeting

It is recommended that Interns budget $ 25 USD per day to cover living expenses during the time between completing training and their first salary payment. This is currently approximately 900 Thai Baht (THB) per day. This period of time will range between 5 and 7 weeks, as salaries are usually paid at the end of the working month.

Thai Non-Immigrant B Visa Support for Training and Internship

SEE TEFL will coordinate and process paperwork from the placement school to support a non-immigrant B (Business) visa application. The paperwork process takes up to one month. Dependent upon time and location, it may be possible to obtain this visa before departure for Thailand. Otherwise, it can be obtained from a Thai embassy or consulate in a country that borders Thailand during the period between the end of onsite training and the start of the placement period. Hence, this visa will normally be obtained before the intern starts teaching.

A non-immigrant B visa is needed before a school can apply for a work permit. Once the intern receives their work permit, the visa will be extended to match the placement period.

If arriving in Thailand without a non-immigrant B visa, it’s possible to complete onsite training with either a 60-day tourist visa, obtained from any Thai embassy or consulate, or arrive without a visa and receive 30-days visa exempt permission to stay. Please note that if arriving without a visa, Immigration may request to see evidence of an onward or return flight ticket. Both of these options can be extended for a further 30 days in Chiang Mai.

We will give more specific advice by email to each intern depending on their situation.

Visa costs are the responsibility of the intern. However, there is no additional charge for supporting paperwork. The cost of the work permit will be reimbursed by the placement school at the successful completion of the placement period.

Choosing Between a 4-Week TEFL and the TEFL Internship

The majority of TEFL teacher trainees will select the traditional 4-Week TEFL course. However, this unique TEFL Internship will appeal to some of our future English teachers.

Standard 4-week TEFL certification

  • Offered nearly every month in Chiang Mai
  • Work anywhere in Thailand, SE Asia or the world
  • Choose the type of school, location and age group
  • Comprehensive training
  • Experience during training 6 observed teaching practices in real schools with a range of real students
  • Fulfills a general employment requirement for TEFL teaching jobs around the world

TEFL Internship

  • Offered twice per year (Apr/Oct), before the start of the Thai school semesters
  • Guaranteed job
  • Cannot choose the type of school, location and age group; internship locations depend upon availability when training finishes; however, we will endeavor to meet our Intern’s preferences
  • Experience the real Thailand
  • Get paid a minimum of 28,500 Thai Baht (THB) per month. The average internship salary is 30,000 Thai Baht per month.
  • 4-5 month commitment
  • Inclusive 2-week training period with resort accommodation

Thai Temple and Students

TEFL Internship Fees and Dates

The standard fee for the complete program is $ 1,295 USD. This includes the two weeks of Teaching Essentials training and comfortable resort accommodation during the 2-week course in Chiang Mai.

Payment is made in two parts:

  • $ 495 USD deposit payment which reserves the place on the program
  • $ 800 USD balance payment, which is due at the end of the first day of the program

(See current exchange rates)

Note that payment includes 15 nights resort accommodation at the EcoResort Chiang Mai during training.

Some participants may want to consider various ideas for raising funds to cover the cost of the SEE TEFL Internship