Study Abroad

Are you looking for a way to study abroad?

SEE TEFL is proud to announce its partnership withQuinn International College, a new program which allows Thai high school graduates to find an effective and affordable way of making it to their preferred university overseas.

For those who want the experience of studying overseas, but find that the expenses and entry requirements are high, Quinn International College has partnered with universities overseas to create pathways to successful admission, as well as improving your chances of graduating.

Instead of travelling overseas to study from year one, instead, Quinn International College prepares students for the degree ahead while they are still at home. This is achieved by having the English language entry requirements and core subjects completed in Thailand, which then allows the student to travel overseas for their final year of study at their preferred university.

Such universities to participate in the program include Monash, The University of Manchester and The University of South Wales.

To learn more about how this program might benefit you, please contact Quinn International School at , call them at 0899566889 or give them a visit at

208/2 Kaeonawarat Rd, Tambon Wat Ket,

Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50000