All SEE TEFL training courses are held in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Here we offer both the standard 4 Week (120 hour) TEFL certification course, as well as Paid Teaching Internships. The SEE TEFL Internship is a two-week skills development course combined with a 5 month paid teaching Internship. The standard 4 Week TEFL Certification course is offered each month, while the Internship is offered twice yearly, before the Spring and Fall teaching semester commence.

TEFL in Chiang Mai

SEE TEFL in Chiang Mai is a great place for a TEFL course or internship training. This is because of the delights of Chiang Mai, as well as SEE TEFL’s long-running TEFL program that is fully integrated into the English langauge teaching community.

Map of Chiang Mai

While there are many free maps that can be found throughout Chiang Mai in tourist areas and travel agencies, none of them compare with the well-known Nancy Chandler’s Map of Chiang Mai now in its 20th edition. This map is for sale in bookstores throughout Chiang Mai as well as online at Amazon. The map is not cheap, around 250 THB these days. However, for an additional 40-50 THB, bring the map to the Jarus printing/copy shop just north of the Three Kings Monument (Ratchawithi road), and they can seal it in a durable plastic, to make the map last a lot longer.