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Gap Year TEFL- Teach English Abroad

Gap years are more popular than ever. Students are facing increased pressure when it comes to gaining admittance into university, and many are opting to take a year off and explore the world before continuing with higher education. This allows them to return rejuvenated and ready for new academic challenges, as well as having learned and experienced a bit of the world. This is not a new trend. Students across Europe and Australia have been planning this rite of passage for decades now. However, we’re seeing new enthusiasm for gap year programs in other parts of the world—and particularly in
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Career Break TEFL, Teaching English

The concept of a career break is nothing new. Academics have been going on sabbatical for decades, and 20th-century labor reforms introduced a range of leave options for employees, including maternity and (more recently) paternity leave. Today’s professionals are more likely than ever to take time off from their career to travel and expand their horizons. Among the many opportunities available to them is the chance to enroll in a 4-week TEFL course in Thailand through SEE TEFL.
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