Happy Songkran 2015 from SEE TEFL

This newsletter is being sent to SEE TEFL alumni as well as everyone who has contacted us or signed up over the past year. Our last newsletter was sent out almost exactly a year ago. The newsletter is meant to get everyone up-to-date on our plans and progress.


SEE TEFL is now in its 10th year of operation. At the end of March, SEE TEFL has graduated 862 teachers from 76 TEFL classes. Most of our Alumni have attended our standard 4-Week TEFL. However since 2013 we have also offered a Paid TEFL Internship program two times per year (2 week training and five month job placement). We are grateful for our alumni who are a great source of new customers. Your endorsement of the SEE TEFL programs are much appreciated.


We have decided to launch an affiliate program for those who provide leads. Our alumni know us best and make the best advocates of our training programs. We will offer a $200 standard referral fee paid within a week after a balance payment is made by a referral. For courses offered in May, June, July, October, November and December we will offer a $250 referral fee.

Note there are some additional terms and conditions for the affiliate program. All the details and sign up form, along with affiliate codes and ads (suitable for blogs and websites) are at


Our 4 Week TEFL course and 2 week Internship program are ongoing with the following upcoming dates:

4 Week TEFL Courses – 2015

  • 20 April – 15 May
  • 25 May – 19 June
  • 29 June – 24 July
  • 03 – 28 August
  • 31 August – 25 September
  • 28 September – 23 October
  • 26 October – 20 November
  • 23 November – 18 December

TEFL Paid Internships – 2015

  • 20 April – 01 May
  • 28 September – 09 October

The Paid Internship includes a two-week Teaching Essentials training and a 4-5 month paid internship teaching placement. This is offered twice per year, just before the first semester and second semester of the Thai school year.

Choosing Between a 4-Week TEFL and the TEFL Internship

The majority of TEFL teacher trainees will select the traditional 4-Week TEFL course. However, this unique TEFL Internship appeals to some of our future English teachers.

Standard 4-week TEFL certification

  • Offered nearly every month in Chiang Mai
  • Work anywhere in Thailand, SE Asia or the world
  • Choose the type of school, location and age group
  • Comprehensive training
  • Experience during training 6 observed teaching practices in real schools with a range of real students
  • Fulfills a general employment requirement for TEFL teaching jobs around the world
4 Week TEFL Course Fees & Discounts
Due upon Registration
Balance Payment
Due on First Day of Course
Full Payment
Super Early Bird
Register 6 weeks in advance
$ 495 USD $ 800 USD $ 1,295 USD
Early Bird
Register 3 weeks in advance
$ 595 USD $ 800 USD $ 1,395 USD
Standard Course Fee
$ 695 USD $ 800 USD $ 1,495 USD

TEFL Internship

  • Offered twice per year (Apr/Oct), before the start of the Thai school semesters
  • Guaranteed job
  • Cannot choose the type of school, location and age group; internship locations depend upon availability when training finishes; however, we will endeavor to meet our Intern’s preferences
  • Experience the real Thailand
  • Get paid a minimum of 25,000 Thai baht per month
  • 4-5 month commitment
  • Inclusive training with resort accommodation

Cost: $1,295 USD – Includes 15 days of resort accommodation during the training period in Chiang Mai.


Our last newsletter mentioned adding Koh Samui as a second location for our bi-annual internship program. However, for various reasons that hasn’t worked out. Instead, SEE TEFL and the EFL Chiang Mai school are moving forward with building a new location just up the road on Kaewnawarat. Earlier this year we did a groundbreaking and later ensured the spirits were sufficiently propitiated with a traditional Thai blessing. It will be sometime in mid-2016 when the school will be finished. That should keep us busy for a while.


SEE TEFL Alumni already receive a 10% discount (coupon code SEETEFLALUMNI) off of all Thai Language classes (1-to-1 and small group) through Effective Thai ( We are now offering an additional 10% discount off of the 180 and 200 hour Thai courses, so added together that is a 20% discount for Alumni. And so, if anyone is in Chiang Mai (or wants to take Thai language courses over Skype), and wants to make a significant commitment to improving their Thai language, now is a great time to do it.

Well, that’s it for this time. Cheers!


John Quinn, Director and Senior Trainer
SEE TEFL Teacher Training