Monthly Archives March 2011

Theatre in Chiang Mai

It’s been an interesting few weeks since my last blog: floods, a knee operation and the start of the Premier League season. I am going to focus on performing arts in Chiang Mai for this blog post, but before I do that, I will update on what’s been happening here. I also need to move my 2 year-old daughter to another room as she keeps sticking a yellow plastic duck in my mouth, sunglasses on my nose and talcum powder over my face and laptop.
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The Foreign Cemetery in Chiang Mai

A few weeks have passed, so time to talk a little more about life in Chiang Mai. For this blog I’m going to visit the Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery. It’s an absolutely fascinating place for people who want to know a little more about members of the foreign community who have lived, and died, here over the last 140 years. The remains of missionaries, teak company employees, diplomats, soldiers, children, adventurers, teachers and assorted expats from a wide range of countries lie side by side neatly arranged to follow the borders of this small plot of Thai soil that is
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